All of the last week I spent at the CETPA Conference and it was an amazing and exhausting experience.

Lots of wonderful sessions to attend and tons of camaraderie in the evening.

I also presented two sessions myself this year, the one I want to talk abou today is: Imposter Syndrome and how to get past it. This was the first time I have done a presentation at a conference where the material presented was all of my own making. It was also the largest conference I have ever presented at.

My Imposter Syndrome(IS) session was exceptionally well received and for the rest of the conference people came up to me and told me how uplifting and inspiring it was. The session consisted of talking about what IS is and going through some signs of it and how you can work through those feelings. Mostly it was me telling personal stories about my struggles with IS.

I was actually a little short with my presentation, and I was going to end early but then an amazing thing happened. For the last 20 minutes or so of the session time we had a open discussion in the room where people asked me for advice and tips on how to deal with issues they have been having with IS. There was also much sharing of stories from the audience about their own stuggles with IS.

IT Directors and people I have known who I would never have thought were having the same struggles as I was, were asking me for advice. Talk about a boost to my own feelings about myself.

The amount of respect and frankly love I felt in that room was amazing. I had a bounce in my step for the rest of the conference.

More to come about the conferenceā€¦..