This last week at work is a crazy one. Every year the week that schools starts is always feels like it lasts about a month.

In the district that I work in typically has the first day of school on a Thursday. This means that the Monday before school starts all that employees that have been off for summer break are back, mostly this means teachers.

I spend almost all of the three days before schools starts either helping teachers remember how to get back into their accounts, helping site admins with issues with their scheduling, or conducting training for new teachers on how to use Aeries.

And then there is are the constant calls from just about ever other person in the district because the have some question about one of the many intergrations that I have setup/designed/built Aeries and other district systems.

This is all in addition to the regular things that a do on a typical day. Helping people wth everyday issues, ‘How do I run report X’, ‘I can’t do x,y,z when I log in’. Making sure my back ups are running, and SSIS packages are firing off properly. Continuing to write, implement, test, and refine my system intergrations. Generate security reports.

The longest day of the week is always the day before school starts and the the day schools starts. Yes I am running those days together, in my mind they do tend to run together. They run together because I tend to stay late the night before tying up loose ends before schools start and I tend to come in early the day that schools starts.

I think that what makes this one week feel so long is the fact that it is a real sprint in terms of the amount of work that needs to be done and the hard deadline of school starting. Now that is not to say that there are not sprints like this during the rest of the year, it just seems like this is ‘THE BIG ONE’ for whatever reason.